Snipptec - Revolutionary German Automotive Technology For Engines and Tires

  • Reduces fuel consumption (6-12%)
  • Extends engine and tire life
  • Improves performance (acceleration, grip, braking and handling)
  • Lowers maintenance costs


Snipptec enables a cleaner, more efficient combustion, thereby: (i) reducing fuel consumption by 6–12%; (ii) decreasing emissions; (iii) extending engine life; (iv) lowering maintenance expenses; and (v) improving engine performance.


Snipptec reduces the effects of tire deformation while driving, resulting in: (i) greater rolling distance (9–13%); (ii) improved grip, braking and handling – and therefore safety, and (iii) longer tire life.
and therefore safety, and (iii) longer tire life.


Snipptec’s systems are well established in Europe, where they have been successfully adopted by thousands of truck, bus and car fleets, as well as championship winning racing teams including Frikadelli, Kremer and Groneck Motorsport.

The Right Investment for your Fleet

Return on Investment within one year, on average

– Taking into account fuel savings alone

Universally Applicable

– Can be installed on any car/truck/bus, regardless of vehicle/engine/tire manufacturer

Transfer From One Vehicle to Another

– Your investment is not stranded upon the purchase of a new car, truck or bus

Easy Installation

– 15-20 minutes for cars; 30-40 minutes for trucks and buses

Doesn't Interfere With Existing Engine Mechanics and Electronics

– System works within the framework of statutory warranty guidelines

Snipptec Modules

  • For fuel line
  • For battery
  • For air intake
  • For rims

At FEP Technologies, we are not keen on systems that work well in the lab but don’t perform on the road. Snipptec’s technology is backed up by real-world performance, from trucking fleets to racing teams.