Snipptec for engines enables a cleaner and more efficient combustion, thereby:

  • Reducing fuel consumption by 6 to 12%
  • Extending engine life
  • Lowering maintenance expenses
  • Improving engine performance


Snipptec For Engines

When two or more materials move in close proximity to the other(s), electrostatic or electromagnetic fields are created. This can be easily demonstrated by quickly running an inflated balloon near a wall - electrostatic force is created, and the balloon sticks to the wall due to friction and resistance

In engines, the electromagnetic fields created by the moving parts produce resistance that causes an inefficient airstream and fuel flow. These electron-charged fields also contribute to the formation of “large molecule clusters” in the fuel, which are more difficult to break down during combustion. All of this leads to an inefficient combustion, which in turn results in less-than-optimal engine performance, higher fuel consumption and more harmful emissions

Snipptec has developed a proprietary technology that acts to absorb, and therefore minimize, unwanted electromagnetic fields at the (i) air intake of an engine’s combustion chamber, (ii) the fuel line and (iii) the battery.

By absorbing the electromagnetic fields around the engine, the Snipptec system optimizes the combustion – causing the engine to perform better, burn less fuel and enjoy a longer life, with reduced maintenance costs and emissions.