Snipptec for tires reduces the effects of tire deformation while driving

  • Increases rolling distance by 9-13% (which leads to fuel savings of 2-4%)
  • Improves grip, handling and braking – and therefore safety
  • Extends tire life up to 30% (as observed in racing cars)


Snipptec For Tires

Rolling resistance is composed of the energy loss created by the deflection of the tire sidewall and the compression and deformation of the tire tread at the road surface. It accounts for up to 20% of a car’s and 35% of a truck’s fuel consumption

By reducing the electromagnetic fields created between the tire and the road when driving, the Snipptec tire/rim module allows for a quicker return, under dynamic pressure, to the tire’s original shape. The tire tread elements returning quickly to their original shape act like little springs propelling the tire in the direction that it is rolling – reducing rolling resistance and therefore improving fuel efficiency

The quicker return to a tire’s original shape also leads to better handling and less heat generation. These lower temperatures result in slower tire degradation and longer life