The Frikadelli Racing Team
2014 German VLN Endurance champions

Their winning Porsche 911 GTR 3 is powered by Snipptec

Snipptec Powers Champions

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The Snipptec RaceKit consists of specially developed components for a race car’s engine, chassis and aerodynamics. The components’ impact on the vehicle is synchronized so that the car is optimized in its entirety, resulting in significantly enhanced driving dynamics and improved performance.

Benefits of the Snipptec RaceKit system

Powering The Frikadelli Racing Team’s winning Porsche 911 GTR3 
Improved engine performance, better acceleration and top speed
Frikadelli results: 6% acceleration gain; top speed higher by 4.1 KM/H

Better handling and grip – resulting in faster corner speeds
Frikadelli results: lateral acceleration increased by up to 0.35G

Lower fuel consumption
Frikadelli results: 12.6% less fuel per lap

Reduced tire wear
Frikadelli results: tire life extended by 30%

Extended engine life as a result of reduced mechanical wear